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BabelOn is the creator of a groundbreaking patented hardware and software platform with the ability to synthesize and lip-synch any person's unique voice into any language. The BabelOn solution transcends mere translation, capturing the speaker's unique vocal tone, timber, rhythm and emotional intent, all while translating their words into any target language. With potential applications spanning numerous industries and areas, BabelOn signals the beginning of a new age of communication and connection on a global scale.

Current competitor technology only gives you 7% of the translation. BabelOn’s patented solution can provide 100% of the intended human communication.

BabelOn’s groundbreaking and patented technology keeps these crucial non-verbal elements intact.  Dynamics of emotion, uniqueness of voice, mechanics of facial animation — BabelOn’s hardware-software combo captures, quantifies and reproduces them all, while synchronizing the speaker’s lips to match with the translated language.

The result: the most nuanced, seamless and complete method of speech synthesis the world has ever seen.

Imagine going into a movie theater in China and watching the actors in the latest Avengers  movie speak flawless Mandarin. Or going to a bar in Japan and listening to Lady Gaga sing her new hit in Japanese.

These are just a few examples of the kinds of globalized media experiences that BabelOn’s technology will make possible. Both have significant revenue and cultural implications.

Initially, BabelOn's focus will primarily be on companies in the entertainment and media sectors, such as video game creators, advertising agencies, film studios and and music labels.


But that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what the patented BabelOn technology can achieve. Here are just a few of the areas where BabelOn's technology will have a revolutionary impact:

BabelOn’s key innovations are all patent protected; in fact, leading companies including Intel, Samsung, AT&T, Sony, and British Telecom have all cited BableOn’s patent in their own research and patent applications in this area. 

The BabelOn team is being advised by senior scientists at NASA Ames Center For Intelligent Systems, as well as the Hollywood veteran responsible for creating the dubbing infastructure at every major studio starting with Disney Voices in the 90's. 

BabelOn has received interest and LOIs from a variety of companies across several industries, including video game developers and publishers, companies specializing in virtual avatars, advertising firms, motion capture houses, Hollywood agencies and industry leaders in dubbing and media localization.


With our technology developed and the eyes of the tech and media communities turning towards us, the next step for BabelOn is to create an initial benchtop prototype that will introduce BabelOn and our groundbreaking technology to the world. For more information on this and other exciting developments coming up for BabelOn, please  contact us for further information.

William Moulton, Co-CTO

Bill is a highly distinguished Silicon Valley executive, inventor, and principal engineer who has pioneered breakthrough software and hardware technologies for industrial and consumer markets. He most recently developed 3D cinema technology widely in use in theaters today. He also invented the first live two way 3D video walls and real-time CGI effects for satellite telconferencing. His other specialties include; web search, information visualization, geospatial services, intelligence collection and analysis for situational awareness, trend forecasting, film language animation, long range forecasting, education planning, global simulation, alliance negotiation, innovation services, and failure recovery robotics. He specializes in total life cycle systems design, disruptive technologies, emerging markets, pattern recognition problems, and improving human-computer interaction. His teams have delivered solutions to the Institute for Global Futures, Student Loan Finance Corp,Energy Voyager, Electric Power Research Institute, Video Network Communications (now Talkpoint), Goldman Sachs and Co., Merrill Lynch, SBC, Lockheed Martin, General Motors, Reliance Electric, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratories, Aerojet Electrosystems, TRW, Nasa,Army, IITRI, Oceanic Institute, Nordic Technology Group, Atari,Hasbro, Mattel, Amiga Computer, ICOM Simulations (acquiredby Viacom), and the Satellite Movie Company. Companies he co-founded include Navagent, Ume Clarity, Waveform, and Stereographics.



Steven Wolff, Co-CTO

Steven Wolff brings with him 20+ years of experience managing highly diverse technical teams. He developed speech recognition technology for NYSE and Black Hawk Helecopters and co-invented noise aperture techology exceeding the best DSP noise reduction. He holds 11 issued patents with 5 more in application, in the areas of speech, microphones, sensors, and medical devices. Steven has more than 7 years of experience  in search systems design and management, and more than 11 years in medical device design and informatics. He designed, sold, and managed the first successful mission-critical speech recognition systems to Wall Street trading firms, co-developed a new breed of noise cancellation microphones, now sold worldwide into cell phone, professional, and military markets. He has deep and wide experience in managing and designing a diverse range of software and hardware technologies including speech recognition, 3D visualization, net search, wireless, medical systems, embedded systems, and DSP.



Mike Hale, CEO


Mike was part of the Founding Team that took a Start Up to $1 Billion in Annual Revenue.

As EVP of Starz, a division of Liberty Media,the Team created an asset with an Enterprise Value of $5.5 Billion Dollars.

He has over 20 years Diverse Start Up Experience Building and Advising Mobile CyberSecurity Subscription Ecomm Media Companies in the U.S & China.

He resides in Palo Alto, California.



Daisy Hamilton, Co-Founder

Daisy has spearheaded business development and film acquisitions for an international film distribution company since 2007. Upon receiving her Bachelor’s Degree from New York University, Daisy was mentored by several New York corporate CEOs through NYU’s Alumni Program. She has raised significant financing for films, and has developed strategic partnerships with leading companies in the industry. She attends all major media markets globally where she furthers international enterprises for BabelOn. Daisy also has a high level of expertise in Cognitive Neuroscience, Neuro-linguistics, Voice and Speech, Creative Writing and Ancient Greek. She has received many accolades for her scholarly endeavors, and is currently involved in a book development project, alongside a team of leading cognitive neuroscientists.



Marcy Levitas Hamilton, Co-Founder

CEO of TriCoast Worldwide, a production/post-production studio and worldwide film and TV distribution company, operating for 27 years. Marcy is a highly accredited film producer, having served as executive producer on more than 25 films, in addition to which she is an elected member of the honorary society American Cinema Editors, and an Emmy Award-winning editor. Marcy was part of the creative team that launched Qube interactive TV for WarnerBros. and later MTV, and has developed technology for media in eBooks.



Todd Romney, CFO & COO

A startup and business turnaround artist with over 20 years of project, management and finance experience, Todd’s professional development has occurred under a wide range of environments, including military, Fortune 500, startup and international business areas. Todd’s creative finance genius has been behind the formation of numerous domestic and off-shore business ventures, tapping into new markets valued at over $1 billion, raising more than $20MM in capital, and negotiating numerous partnerships and business agreements, including multi-national agreements in Latin America and China. Todd is a published inventor, holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration, a Bachelor of Science degree in Manufacturing Engineering, successfully completed the US Navy’s Nuclear Engineer Officer qualification program, and speaks Spanish fluently. Todd is an Afghanistan war veteran, and continues to serve as a Commander in the US Navy Reserve, with over 20 years of leadership experience.



Lawrence Haber, Business Attorney


Larry is a practicing attorney with over 30 years of experience, the last 20 of which have been devoted primarily to entertainment law, where he has extensive experience in all aspects of legal, business and union matters, including production, distribution and sales of long- and short-form film and TV programming, and the negotiation and drafting of agreements for financing, production, and distribution. His clients also include software, website, design and graphics companies. He represents production companies, talent, and producers in all phases of development and production in all types of media worldwide. His legal experience is grounded in intellectual property, corporate, general business and transactional law. He was an in-house attorney at both Universal Studios Florida and Walt Disney World for over 7 years, with his last 4 years at Disney focused exclusively as Director of Business Affairs for original TV programming. At Disney, he also packaged, negotiated and sold worldwide rights for 2 episodic TV series.



Sanford Astor, Patent Attorney

Sanford is a patent attorney with nearly 40 years of intellectual property law experience. He focuses his practice on patents, trademarks and copyrights in the chemical and mechanical arts, as well as business method patents. He represents clients in all industries, including medical devices, nanotechnology, consumer goods, internet, the entertainment industry, and related litigation.

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